Stahancyk, Kent & Hook recently made a $1,000 donation to the Clark County Historical Society and Museum in honor of the Charles Brown House. The firm is happy to contribute to such a distinguished organization and excited to share the story of this historic home with even more people. The firm received a letter from Susan M.G. Tissot, the Executive Director of the organization, thanking them for the donation.

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Clark County Historical Society
November 22, 2011

Jody Stahancyk and Vince Roman
Stahancyk, Kent & Hook P.C.
Vancouver Office
400 West 11th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660-3148

Dear Jody and Vince,

On behalf of the Clark County Historical Society and Museum, I would like to thank you for your corporate donation of $1000.00 in honor of the Charles Brown House on November 22, 2011. For your tax records, our EIN # is 91-6055341. The Clark County Historical Museum has not provided any goods or services in exchange for this contribution.

Since it was founded in 1917, the Clark County Historical Society has been the steward of Clark County’s collective history. Over the course of 94 years, it has accumulated a broad-based collection ranging in dates from1200 AD – 1985. The 1964 establishment of the museum and research library in the former 1909 Carnegie Library Building ensured the continuity and adaptive re-use of a beautiful historic structure. Today, the museum offers dozens of free and paid education programs, events and exhibits annually for the community.

The museum building embodies the no-nonsense philosophy of its self-made benefactor Andrew Carnegie, who came to America in 1848 as a poor immigrant and retired the richest man in the world. Carnegie gave away most of his fortune to charitable causes, one of which funded the construction of 2,509 public libraries, including Vancouver’s. Carnegie paid for library construction on the condition that the local community provided the site and operating expenses: helping those who help themselves.

We invite you to come down and see our newest exhibit, Working with Tradition: Folk Artists of Washington State, a traveling exhibit from the Washington State Historical Society supplemented with artifacts from our collection. Also on exhibit are Road to Equality: the Struggle for Women’s Rights in the Northwest and Woven History: Native American Basketry.

We truly appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you at your museum.


Susan M.G. Tissot
Executive Director

Please thank all your partners for their support. I will look forward to having lunch with you in the future. I have wanted to see the inside of your building. Happy Holidays!