Rebecca “Becky” Alice DuBois was born February 20, 1913 in Vancouver, Washington to Floy Miles Brown and William Bedford DuBois. She is the granddaughter of Charles Brown. Becky grew up in Vancouver and attended high school in Vancouver when there was still just one high school, graduating in 1931. On top being an honor student, Becky was in the Latin Club, French Club, Golf Club and sang soprano in the Music Club. She was also librarian of the Girls’ Glee Club and an actor in her junior play. Becky would go on to marry William Taylor Dorsey and together they had two children, Anne DuBois Dorsey and Margaret Jane Dorsey. Pictured below is Becky’s senior picture and a picture of the Girls’ Glee Club of 1931. Becky is in the back row fifth from the left.