Charles S. Wilson was born January 7, 1913 in Raymond, Washington to Charles E. and Frances Brown Wilson. His father died when he was three years old, leaving his mother to raise young Charles alone. Unfortunately, this did not last long. Tragedy struck again when his mother died under mysterious circumstances while the two were living in Laguna Beach, California. Orphaned by the age of seven, Charles’ aunt Floy DuBois drove to California from Vancouver to pick him up and bring him back with her. Charles lived with his aunt, uncle and two cousins for about a year until family friend Alice Hubbard offered to take him in. Coincidentally, Alice rented part of the house Charles’ mother Frances grew up in, now the Charles Brown House, named for his grandfather. Ed Brown, brother of Charles Brown, owned and lived in the house as well with his wife Ada. Shortly thereafter Alice purchased the house and Ed and Ada Brown moved to Pasadena, California. Charles graduated from Vancouver High School in 1930 and went on to attend the University of Washington and Harvard Business School. As a teenager in Vancouver he met Marjorie Warren. The two were married in 1937.
The couple moved to Corvallis, Oregon in 1940 and acquired the Ford dealership, Wilson Motors, where Charles continues to work today. Charles was very active socially in Corvallis as a member of the Corvallis Country Club and also the Badminton Club.
Sadly, Charles’ wife Marjorie passed away in February 2007. The couple has three children, Richard, Kathryn, and Carol, and four grandchildren.