Stahancyk, Kent & Hook attorney, Blake Van Zile, acting president of the Young Lawyer’s Section of the Clark County Bar Association, wrote the following excerpt. The piece will appear in an upcoming issue of the bar association’s periodical. Stahancyk, Kent & Hook sponsored the event.

The CCBA Young Lawyers Section CLE Ethical Issues Facing New, and Not So New, Lawyers on September 23 was a wonderful success.  Justice Debra Stephens shared personal stories from her early practice and gave our young lawyers one-on-one practical and professional tips. Justice Stephens spent time socializing with everyone at the event, both before and after speaking, showing both her kindness and enthusiasm for fostering early practitioners in our legal community. We are tremendously grateful to Justice Stephens for being so generous with her limited time in Vancouver. We were also humbled by the support for the Young Lawyers from the many judges, experienced attorneys, and other legal professionals in attendance, as well as Stahancyk, Kent & Hook for sponsoring the event. Its an especially delightful surprise to have so many judges in attendance, such as Justice Susan Owens,  Judge Rebecca Glasgow, Judge Rebecca Pennell, Judge Tracy Staab, and our unflappable advocate Judge Rich Melnick, among others, who all spent time meeting and socializing with the young lawyers in attendance.

As young lawyers, we need and thrive on the support and mentorship of those who came before us. Clark County is a great place to practice, and an especially great place to start practicing, in part because of the long-standing commitment of our legal community to building and maintaining our congenial, supportive legal community.  The Young Lawyers Section is devoted to fostering that commitment among the new lawyers in Clark County, so that Clark County remains a great place to practice as we become its long-term practitioners.  We are driven to build the personal and professional relationships amongst ourselves that we will all benefit from in the years and decades to come.