Frances Brown 2.jpgFrances Renewed Brown was the middle daughter of Charles and Rebecca Brown born in October of 1876 here in Vancouver, Washington. She was raised and attended school in Vancouver, graduating from high school in 1895. On April 23, 1910 she married Charles Everett Wilson and together they had one son, Charles S., who is 93 years old and currently resides in Corvallis, Oregon. Little is known about Frances, even to her own son and the rest of the Brown descendants. Her son Charles was an orphan by the age of seven. Charles was subsequently raised by his Aunt Floy DuBois for a short period of time and he ultimately settled in and was permanently raised by Alice Hubbard, a family friend, here in the Brown House. Charles Wilson has only ever seen two photographs of his mother. According to Charles Wilson’s daughter in law Liza Tharp-Wilson, when Frances died most of her belongings, including photographs, went to her sisters Floy and Harriet and were lost to her own branch of the family. Frances died April 4, 1920 in Los Angeles, California and is buried in Raymond, Washington.