Today I meet with an attorney friend of Jody and our architect.
Before our trip to Vancouver we discussed possible problems. Jody’s friend was concerned that the galvanized pipes could pose a possible problem with the heating. Our architect was concerned with drainage problems of the bell-cast mansard roof, he was also concerned with the down spouts and gutters. My main concern was dry rot and foundation problems.
On our initial walk through we saw many problems, but no real surprises. Jody let me know the condition of the house before the visit. I will list some of the problems and concerns:
• New electricity
• New heat (possibly)
• New foundation
• Asbestos floor tiling and flooring
• Asbestos pipe insulation
• New plastering (upstairs)
• Fix cracks in plastering (downstairs and hallway)
• Wood sash and upstairs door (rebuild or refinished) Hillsdale sash and door
Back House
• Water damage on roof
• Rot on roof
• Post and beam sinking
• Plaster damage water damage inside
I gave both Jody’s friend and our architect a bottle of wine, compliments of Jody for there help and time.