The Charles Brown House is a historic house in Vancouver, Washington. Built 140 years ago, the house is named for one of its most notorious residents. Brown, then the president of the First National Bank, came to an untimely death in 1901. Today, the house holds the Vancouver office of Stahancyk, Kent & Hook, one of the leading family and estate planning law firms in the Northwest. SK&H has restored the French Second Empire style house to its original grandeur. This web journal and website follows the restoration process of the Charles Brown House as well as genealogical information pertaining to the Brown family and others who have resided in the house throughout the years.

Watch as we restore the Charles Brown House with the same
precision and care with which we restore our clients’ lives.

Check the Journal section for frequent updates of the restoration.

Stahancyk, Kent & Hook are the current owners and the guiding force behind the restoration of the Charles Brown House. SK&H were recently awarded the 2005 Better Business Bureau Large Business of the Year for Oregon and Southwest Washington. The prestigious award honors excellence in Community Involvement, Customer Service, and Innovative Business Practices.

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