On Thursday, September 10, 2007, Stahancyk, Kent, Johnson & Hook threw a fantastic party and open house celebrating five successful years in Vancouver. The event was planned carefully to fall on the 135th wedding anniversary of Charles and Rebecca Brown, which made the party twice as historic.

Approximately 60 guests attended the historic event, ranging from local judges, attorneys, clients and neighborhood friends.

The menu included salmon sliders (wild salmon fresh off the boat from Astoria), mini cupcakes and candied bacon. Teresa’s sons, Mason and Seth, acted as servers. Beer, wine and water rounded off the drink portion of the menu.

Jody, Lara, Teresa’s sons, neighbor Sallie Reavey and myself dressed in antique garb fitting of the time period in which the house was built, the Civil War era.

Guests were provided with a brief history and description of focal points in each room, house brochures, a slideshow, and tours of the house. All this, as they made their way to the back of the house where the food and drinks were stationed outside.

Special thanks to Javier, Adam, Lara, Humberto and Jesse and anybody else who I may have left out. Your hard work was much appreciated.

Here’s to another five more great years in Vancouver.