A luncheon to celebrate the completion of our first phase of restoration and to share and exchange Brown family genealogy was held on Thursday May 25.

We were fortunate to have two of Charles Brown’s great-granddaughters, Nancy Brunquist and Deborah Reis, join us. Liz Carpenter, wife of great-grandson Ted Carpenter, also attended. Other guests included neighbor Ted Reavey, Kas Anderson from the Clark County Historical Museum, Clark County Genealogical Society President Diana Cruz, Dean Baker from the Columbian, prior Vancouver long range planner Derek Chisholm, and attorney James Gregg and wife Barbara. Stahancyk, Kent & Hook representatives were Teresa Foster, Shantel Bray, Jade Bunker, Leah Rivas and Vince Roman.

The luncheon was a success and all enjoyed sharing information and stories. The guests were all impressed with the result of the restoration. Thursday May 25th was a very rewarding day for all involved.

Charles Brown House

Vince Roman, in tie, beginning tour of house.

Nancy Brunquist, Kas Anderson, Diana Cruz.

Sharing stories during lunch.

Charles Brown descendants Deborah Reis, Nancy Brunquist and Liz Carpenter.