July 10th was another great day for the Charles Brown House. We were fortunate to have another one of Charles Brown’s great-granddaughters stop by the house on her way through town. Peg Shaeffer, granddaughter of Harriet Brown Carpenter, was unable to attend the luncheon here on May 25th but expressed and interest to drop in next time she was passing through Vancouver.

Peg stayed for a little over an hour, took a tour of the house, and shared information pertaining to her side of the family. She also learned new information she did not know about her own family, research I had done. Margaret “Peg” Carpenter was born September 24, 1925 in Seattle, Washington to Edward Laramie Carpenter Jr. and Margaret Kamps. She married David Shaeffer and they have five grown children.

Coincidentally, Peg’s husband David lived in the Brown House for a few years as a very small child! His parents rented the front part of the house from Alice Hubbard. It was not until a few years after their marriage that the connection they both shared with the Brown House was discovered. David Shaeffer has a distinct recollection of the stairwell to the upstairs of the house. Peg quotes, “It scared him to death, it was so steep!”. Photograph of Peg Shaeffer on the front porch of the Brown House. Also, the stairwell her husband speaks of.