I found a copy of this postcard while researching the Brown House at the Clark County Historical Museum. The Brown House is pictured on the front. The postcard is from Mrs. Charles Brown (Rebecca) and is to her daughter Harriet Brown Carpenter.

The postcard reads: “When will you ever write again. Have you received the Union suits. All well- Floy and Will had a fine trip to Willamette valley”. Mother, Mrs. Charles Brown.

Floy, mentioned in the postcard, is the daughter of Rebecca and sister of Harriet. Will is Floy’s husband, Will DuBois.

A union suit is a type of one piece long underwear typically worn by men. It traditionally buttons up the front and has a button up rear “access hatch”. These would have been very common at the time Rebecca wrote this postcard in the early 1900’s. To get a better idea of what a Union suit looks like I have placed a vintage ad below.
Postcard.jpgPostcard 2.jpgUnion suits.jpg