Is Stahancyk, Kent & Hook’s very own Vince Roman related to Charles Brown? 

Recently, Vince traced one of his direct ancestral lines to a woman named Joanna Stanton née Slocum b. 1672 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Joanna was Vince’s 9th great grandmother. This got Vince thinking… “Wasn’t Charles Brown’s wife, Rebecca Brown née Slocum, also from Rhode Island?.”

After comparing his tree to that of the Charles Brown family, he quickly discovered a common ancestor between he and Rebecca, that in a man named Giles Slocum b. 1623. This makes Vince and Rebecca a distant sixth cousins six times removed. What a small world! 

Other descendants of Giles Slocum include Warren G. Harding and J.A. Folger, founder of the Folger Coffee Company.